Thursday, July 5, 2012

How to teach a kid to be respectful

"Po" or "Opo" is a very good exercise for kids to learn respect in the Philippines. This translates to "Yes sir/mam" in any other country. Rheema has always used these words of respect to signify that she accepts the deal. We offer her deals like after you watch your movie, it's time to brush your teeth and take a nap. We always request her to answer. If she does not acknowledge or respond, she has not accepted the deal and it has to be reworded or restructured until it is acceptable to her.

We do our best to make sure that we do good on what we say to her. Deals are made on a regular basis and she has learned to negotiate with whomever is offering a deal. It is quite a delight to listen to her pitches & counter offer, some quite reasonable to warrant an acceptance on our end. 

She has learned respect from us and in turn we have given her the same. 

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