Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rheema's answered prayer experience

It's been raining this week. Rheema's chance to use her raincoat. She seems to enjoy playing in the rain. She complained about her socks getting wet but still was jolly about it. They were actually dry, but she was splattered by raindrops on her legs making her think that her feet were also wet.

Her school is about a 3 block walk. Going home was more fun for her since it was pouring rain, she actually got to play in the water puddles. While we were  walking, she was telling me all about what they had learned in school today. Letter S was for S S S and sss sss sss as in snake. Then she noticed the rain getting heavier and recalled the bible story about Jesus and the fishermen riding the boat. The fishermen started to worry because of the storm's strong winds, heavy rain and loud thunder. She remembered that the fishermen prayed and asked Jesus to stop the storm. Then she said, " Mommy let's pray to Jesus and ask him to stop the rain and let the sun come out." And she prayed. The rain didn't stop. Then Rheema started to play again in the rain. After a few minutes, the rain stopped and Rheema looked at me with a smile on her face, most likely realizing that Jesus did answer her prayers. Just not right away. Then I said to her, " See, Jesus answered your prayer."  She was in a really good mood the rest of the way home, playing in the water pubbles till her socks were soaked.  But that's another story.

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  1. We are all Jesus children and all our prayers and help are always heard by HIM. Just like Rheema's little prayer was answered, our too are always answered but we(adults) want instant answered.we get angry with simple and true and prayer,just like little Rheema and Jesus will always be with you.
    We bless and love you.JESUS


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